Research weeks in Salt Lake City


Becoming an Expert in Genealogy


Compiled genealogies are easier to find. But, you must beware that good research as well as research rife with errors have multiplied with the advent of the computer and shared databases.  Now, more than at any time in the history of family history research, there is a need for more expert genealogists to come forth and assist in clearing up and correctly using the worlds records.

Ancestry Routes will help you become an expert genealogists. By attending our research weeks you can increase your expertise. We offer intense learning opportunity where the focus is on Genealogical Fundamentals, Basic Sources, Technology and the records used to correctly document and prove your research. We guide you with using online sources, both free and fee websites, microform and digital records available through FamilySearch, and onsite on the ground research.

We know that becoming an expert genealogist is not for the faint of heart nor for the impatient. We are dedicated to assisting you. Keep working at it. Come and join us and we can help you to learn and apply the information.



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