You need guides at the Family History Library

I just want to thank Daniel from Germany for allowing me to submit his review of his family history research week in Salt Lake City. It emphasises that The Family History Library is the most amazing place in the world for genealogy research.  Ancestry Routes provide expert assistance in navigating the library resources so you have the best possible advice available from your welcome meeting until your onward journey.

This place is the most amazing repository of genealogical records I have ever seen (or heard of)! For that alone, it get 3 stars. However, I just have one caution: if you are an experienced genealogist/researcher, and don’t need much (or any) help in doing your searching, then this is a SIX-STAR place! Unfortunately, if you are a beginner, just wanting to get started, this could be either the best place you could possibly visit, or it could be a nightmare. It all depends on the kind of assistance you get when you visit. There are two types of people working here. The largest group are the the volunteer “missionaries” (mostly retired couples) that are usually very friendly, but often not well-trained and frequently unable to give you the assistance that you need. This was my first experience at the Family History Library: I was told by a missionary that no records existed for my particular geographical area, and was given no help at all. I went away very discouraged. Fortunately, I later met one of the professional genealogists that worked at the FHL, who was able to show me the huge quantity of resources available to me. This led to a lifelong love of genealogy. These professionals make up the second (much smaller) group of people that work here, and if you can get one of them, you have won the lottery! All of them are highly-trained specialists in their field (whether it’s the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and so on). If you see one of them (they’ll be the ones not wearing the “uniform”), you’re in luck!


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