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Although I have been working on my family history since 1972, I learned that I have really only been skimming through the records and I have the “Cliff Notes” version. I plan to start over with myself as described today to verify resources and otherwise make sure I have a correct and truthful genealogy. This Retreat was wonderful! I could have gone on for at least 3 more days! I learned there are so many resources I have been completely unaware of! The city tour was very informative. I loved finding out from you the order we should do our research in. Who knew research could be efficient! Thank you so very much–

    … Peggy Harper

This has been an amazing experience. It has turned my research ideas upside down. Looking for families makes so much more sense than looking for individuals. Realizing that I need to find all the evidence available to be positive that I have the right person. Plus I have learned so many new sources and websites. I can’t wait to get started again. Thank you soooo much!

    … J. Hall

First and foremost, thank you for a wonderful exposure to the many facets of genealogy. I really felt emersed in the many activities that took place. I’m hoping to be able to attend another retreat “down the road.”

    … R. Kennerly

What a great retreat! Thank you for putting this together. It was a marvelous experience. One of the greatest strengths is the availability of the professionals as well as the diversity of same. Keep up the good work!

    … C Dorsey

I had the opportunity to go to the week-long Salt Lake Retreat this past week. It was the most awesome experience! There was one-on-one help with the top genealogy researchers ; for a genealogist, it was a dream come true. The researchers are so knowlegeable and have so much information, and they can answer any question about where to look to break down your brick wall. It was amazing what they know and the help and advice they gave was priceless. It is one retreat that is truly worthwhile for all levels of genealogists.

    … G. Johnson

Research weeks in Salt Lake City


Becoming an Expert in Genealogy


Compiled genealogies are easier to find. But, you must beware that good research as well as research rife with errors have multiplied with the advent of the computer and shared databases.  Now, more than at any time in the history of family history research, there is a need for more expert genealogists to come forth and assist in clearing up and correctly using the worlds records.

Ancestry Routes will help you become an expert genealogists. By attending our research weeks you can increase your expertise. We offer intense learning opportunity where the focus is on Genealogical Fundamentals, Basic Sources, Technology and the records used to correctly document and prove your research. We guide you with using online sources, both free and fee websites, microform and digital records available through FamilySearch, and onsite on the ground research.

We know that becoming an expert genealogist is not for the faint of heart nor for the impatient. We are dedicated to assisting you. Keep working at it. Come and join us and we can help you to learn and apply the information.


You need guides at the Family History Library

I just want to thank Daniel from Germany for allowing me to submit his review of his family history research week in Salt Lake City. It emphasises that The Family History Library is the most amazing place in the world for genealogy research.  Ancestry Routes provide expert assistance in navigating the library resources so you have the best possible advice available from your welcome meeting until your onward journey.

This place is the most amazing repository of genealogical records I have ever seen (or heard of)! For that alone, it get 3 stars. However, I just have one caution: if you are an experienced genealogist/researcher, and don’t need much (or any) help in doing your searching, then this is a SIX-STAR place! Unfortunately, if you are a beginner, just wanting to get started, this could be either the best place you could possibly visit, or it could be a nightmare. It all depends on the kind of assistance you get when you visit. There are two types of people working here. The largest group are the the volunteer “missionaries” (mostly retired couples) that are usually very friendly, but often not well-trained and frequently unable to give you the assistance that you need. This was my first experience at the Family History Library: I was told by a missionary that no records existed for my particular geographical area, and was given no help at all. I went away very discouraged. Fortunately, I later met one of the professional genealogists that worked at the FHL, who was able to show me the huge quantity of resources available to me. This led to a lifelong love of genealogy. These professionals make up the second (much smaller) group of people that work here, and if you can get one of them, you have won the lottery! All of them are highly-trained specialists in their field (whether it’s the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and so on). If you see one of them (they’ll be the ones not wearing the “uniform”), you’re in luck!

Ancestry Routes

I have over 20 years experience in the travel industry, with 12 years specialising in tailor made holidays to the USA and Canada. Combined with my knowledge of family history research I hope to offer trips that are unique to each traveller.

Have you ever watched the tv programme who do you think you are? I started watching this years ago and decided that i would try and trace my family tree. The problem was how to go about it. The celebrities featured on the programme are flown all over the world if necessary and are meeting with professional genealogists and historians. How am i ever going to get the same results? As explained on this website there are many stumbling blocks to researching online. Ancestry.com is an amazing tool and a great way to make a start but I have taken many wrong turns and mistakes. I have put together tours that will help both novice and experienced family researcher on their individual path to discover their own family history. Our group tours will not only overcome stumbling blocks but will provide a fantastic opportunity to share experiences with family researchers from all over the world.


My colleagues in USA state family history heals. There was always a mystery surrounding my great grandfather. He was portrayed as being a “character” by both my Granddad and his siblings. He wasn’t the best father and he was never at home.He spent money he didn’t have and had a reputation for being a drinker and a gambler. After much research I discovered that my Great Granddad served in the Great War from 1914 to 1918 and was awarded medals for bravery. When he returned from the war he married my great grandmother who died in childbirth at the age of 30 leaving him with 3 girls and 2 boys to look after. After further research i discovered that he had served in the rifle regiment during the battles at Ypres and the Somme and survived. He was discharged at the end of the war from shrapnel injuries. His stories, which must have been horrific, he chose to keep for himself and were never passed on. I can’t imagine what he lived through and now understand. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Great War and, although i never met my Great Granddad, I would like to thank him. Not only for his bravery but also for igniting my curiosity into family history which means I am writing this today.
All the ancestry pictures on the website are of my family. If you would like to submit any pictures or stories to this blog please email sales@ancestry-routes.com and i would be pleased to hear from you.
Lastly, a Big THANKS to my brother Harry, and my family tree that is around me now.